Choosing Your Temporary Fence - Which Should You Get?

From construction sites to events to concerts to pet runs and all other happenings, temporary fencing is vital to the success of it. Ensuring the safety of pedestrians, event-goers, and the workers in the event itself should be on top of your checklist when planning such things. When thinking of temporary fencing, one should consider the type of fence and specific features that will guarantee the protection of everyone. Here we’ll give you two types of fences to guide you on what to get.

Construction and Event Temporary Fencing

This type of temporary fencing is used generally for construction sites and big events that need to be set up for days. With features like an anti-climb mesh, it will secure your site for days on end. These top-of-the-line fences are designed to withstand harsh and extreme climates as each panel’s joint is hand-welded and hot-dipped in galvanized steel for extra robustness. Keeping people in and out for your site has never been safer.

Crowd Control Barriers

Crowd Control Barriers are a simple and effective system that provides a safe, protected, and regulated environment for pedestrians and vehicles entering and exiting defined zones. These are types you use for concerts to keep the audience separated from the stage area. Because of this, it is important to seek for barrier types that are flat-footed to prevent people from tripping over it. Besides that, you need to make sure that each panel of barriers could interlock with the other for maximum sturdiness. It would also be best if these frames are lightweight for easier stacking, transportation, and installation.

Now that you know which type of fencing you need, who do you call?

Hiring professionals to install temporary fencing is crucial to the safety of everyone. It is not something you could DIY. You have to check the conditions in the area where you’re going to install it — the weather, the space you have, the level of the ground, the surface itself. The right tools are important, too. Installing, connecting the panels, creating safety ways, and quality-checking is something only experts can do.For over ten years, ITF Hire has been offering excellent products and trustworthy services to clients in the greater Sydney area. All of their items are manufactured with high-quality materials and comply with all Australian Standards, Workcover, and EPS Regulations. They service 24/7, and can do same-day delivery or installation. ITF Hire has already installed almost a million meters of temporary fencing to date but their prices are still very competitive at $5 per meter with free delivery, too! So, call now, or leave your details on their website to enquire about that site you’d require fencing for!