This policy has been developed by ITF Hire to confirm the Company’s commitment to Work Health and Safety (WHS) and to communicate these WHS obligations to all staff, contractors, and clients.


This policy applies to all ITF Hire employees, contractors, clients and anyone who observes potential hazards, unsafe practises and equipment have a duty to report them immediately in an appropriate manner. The co-operation of all people involved with ITF Hire is sought to ensure that a safe working environment exists for everyone.


ITF Hire believes that creating a safe working environment for all our clients, staff and contractors is of paramount importance. ITF Hire believes that the provision of a safe working environment for everyone at its workplaces is an integral and essential part of its responsibilities as an organisation.


  • Providing and maintaining safe equipment and systems of work;
  • Providing everyone in its workplaces with a safe and healthy working environment;
  • Maintaining the workplace in a safe and healthy condition;
  • Promoting dignity and respect in all workplaces and taking action to prevent and respond to bullying in its workplaces;
  • Adopting a preventative and strategic approach to health and safety and using measurable objectives and targets to monitor performance;
  • Supporting and promoting health and wellbeing;
  • Providing appropriate information, training and instruction to facilitate safe and productive work environments;
  • Providing an effective and accessible safety management system for all employees and others to guide safe working in all workplaces;
  • The reporting of incidents in accordance with statutory and regulatory obligations and internal policy requirements so that action can be taken to manage the incident, prevent further incidents, and provide support where required;
  • Providing a program of continuous improvement through engaging with industry, new technology and considering changes to legislation and recognised standards; and
  • Checking WHS system compliance via ongoing auditing.


All members associated with ITF Hire are responsible for enacting this policy and it is their responsibility to safeguard the welfare of, and to provide a healthy and safe environment for, their fellow colleagues, clients, visitors and contractors and to ensure that the standards and practices adopted are in conformity with statutory requirements and the provisions of ITF Hire’s policy.

All accidents, injuries and potential safety hazards must be reported immediately to ITF Hire management and/or representative. All incidents will be recorded and an Incident Notification Form MUST be completed. ITF Hire will keep a record of all work-related illnesses and/or injuries, no matter how slight, to comply with WHS Legislation. The Incident Notification Register is maintained by the Chief Executive Officer. It is unlawful to discriminate against or victimise any worker because the worker raises an issue or concern about a workplace matter that he or she considers is not safe or is a risk to health. Should any issue arise that requires formal resolution then the following matters will be taken into account by the Chief Executive Officer

In addition, in accordance with the WHS Act 2011:

  • If the issue is resolved, the details of the issue and its resolution will be set out in writing to the satisfaction of all parties
  • ITF Hire will ensure that the workers affected by the issue are informed of the details of the agreement as soon as reasonably practicable;
  • A copy of the resolution will be provided to management and the person(s) affected;
  • If the issue remains unresolved after reasonable efforts, ITF Hire will make a request to Workcover for assistance with the resolution of the issue.

Confidentiality and privacy require that all associated parties must ensure that information regarding individuals is restricted to those who genuinely need to know. Furthermore, those people should only be told as much as they need to know and no more.

Records will be kept of all accidents and incidents that occur. Copies of all procedures developed as a component of the WHS program will also be kept.
All staff and contractors are required to ensure that they have read and understood this policy. Ongoing updates will occur at regular intervals. All workers are encouraged to review and supply feedback regarding this policy and its changes so that amendments can be implemented as necessary.

Employees are encouraged to attend training courses and in-service opportunities that enhance their contributions to WHS issues.
Copies of the relevant Act and Regulations are readily available to all staff, participants and clients or alternatively information can be found at

Relevant Standard, Guidelines and/or Legislation

Work Health and Safety Act 2011
Work Health and safety Regulation 2017

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