What to Consider When Putting Up Temporary Fencing

One of the best things in life is to be around people. The past year has taught us that. Whether it be seeing your favourite musician performing live, or attending an outdoor conference with talks from industry leaders, being surrounded by people is one of the sweeter things in life.

If you want to create something like that, an event, then there’s a lot of things to consider. You should factor in ways to keep people where they need to be so they don’t miss out. That’s why temporary fencing is a solution that will help you achieve that goal.

What are some of the things you should consider when getting temporary fencing for an event? We’ve put together some things you should think about.

Easy Installation

The thing about making an event is that one of the hardest things involves, well, setting it up. That goes for temporary fencing as well. You’d want to get temporary fencing that’s easy to assemble, and easy to disassemble, too.

Better yet, you could also try and hire people to install the fences for you. That way, you’d be able to focus on other things that will go on in your event.


Fences that are put up should be able to stand on their own. But sometimes you just can’t tell when barriers fall. Especially when you’re paying attention to a lot of other things. Perhaps the material of the fences isn’t robust enough, or a crowd gets rowdy enough to knock one down.
With all the options out there, it’s difficult to see which one would work best for you without testing it. What’s more, if you’re facing problems with your barriers, you would need to get some help to put it back up and keep people in line.

Are the Fences People-Friendly?

To elaborate on this, you want to make sure people don’t accidentally trip when walking by these fences. Sometimes trips or falls can lead to much more serious consequences. It also seems like it would be something of a logistical nightmare if someone were to get injured in an event you’re handling.

Making sure fences are friendly to foot traffic should be another thing to factor in when acquiring them.

Are the fences constructed in a way that will avoid unnecessary accidents? Would it keep people within the event safe from outsiders? Do those fences discourage people from climbing up and down? When talking about safety, asking yourself these questions and more are what will help you decide on getting fences.


Getting these factors right will make all the difference in your event. These, however, aren’t the only things you should think about when talking about fences. Add that to the billion other things about your event that you might need to think about. If you need temporary fencing, hire experts to help you out.Consider giving ITF Hire an enquiry. They’ll do all the fencing work for you while you worry about other things regarding your event. With over 10 years of experience in the business, they offer 24/7 reliable service with same day installation. They also make sure that everything is safe and sturdy. Give them a call today and you’ll be glad you did.