The Different Ways to Dispose of Liquid Waste

Portable toilets are something almost everyone has seen at least once. Okay, maybe just in Australia, that is. This country has a lot of festivals, such as Big Day Out, Lost Paradise, and Wide Open Space, to name a few. Chances are, you might’ve been there, too.
If you’ve ever used a portable toilet in a concert or a public event, you might have wondered where all the waste goes. Does it get picked up, or is it just going underground? Where does it go? Keep reading, and you’ll know.

Disposal Way #1: Compost It.

With a waste disposal method like composting toilets, you can have a sure-fire way to make sure all the waste throughout the day is more efficiently composting. That’s because certain microorganisms – such as fungi and bacteria – under good conditions.
There are some composting toilets that use water, and some toilets that use none at all. Composting toilets are widely used in many countries. Another thing is that there are some that can possibly be built from scratch, thus making it more accessible to the general public.
There are some that use certain composting methods in order to remove pathogens from the waste. Such methods include thermophilic composting, which keeps the waste in a higher temperature environment (55°C – 60 °C).
However, not many methods are very effective at eliminating most pathogens. As such, it can prove to have a higher barrier of entry in terms of knowledge needed to get this composting method to work. Knowledge is kind of needed to get it started in the first place, and there are some that may agree, it’s kind of gross.

Disposal Way #2: Onsite Sewage Facilities Exist.

If you have no way to access public sewage infrastructure, you’re more likely to be able to dispose of liquid waste, you’ll have to go to an onsite sewage facility. These are places that use methods such as decomposition. Several things help break it down over time. Such things include animals, fungi, plants, and even microorganisms like bacteria.
Aside from this, other factors included in the mix help decompose the waste matter and turn it into fertilizer for soil. In some cases, it can turn into material where clean drinking water can be extracted from. This seems like a very sustainable method, but there’s just one thing about it.
It can be, what a lot of people can somewhat agree on, rather unsanitary to carry material from where you are to these facilities. Some transport methods can be less technological than others. As such, your mileage may vary regarding how gross it can be.

Disposal Way #3: Find a Portable Toilet Hire and Let Them Do the Work for You.

In a lot of cases, comfort is the name of the game. If you’re putting together a public event, or even semi-small camping trips, then maybe finding a toilet hire that services your area is a good idea.
As many concerts that happen in Sydney, there are a lot of events as well. Perhaps it can be quite useful for many people who enjoy being out and about, in large events with a lot of people, can create opportunities for fans and communities to come together.
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