Are Portable Toilets Unsanitary?

In a huge event, it’s not uncommon to hear someone ask where the restroom is, especially somewhere where drinks are served, and then you see these people’s faces scrunch in disgust when they get the answer, “Yeah, there are portable toilets by those unoccupied bleachers on the left”. Portable toilets are often misconstrued as unsanitary and uncomfortable. We’re here to debunk these myths and show you how important it is to have several in your event or construction site (when toilets are not available in the building yet).

Myth #1: They’re unsanitary

Much like the usual toilets we have at home, the cleanliness of portable toilets are not the reflection of the product itself, but of the people that are using it. Sure, your portable toilet is there, delivered and installed by experts with empty waste tanks and clean units, it arrives as good as new, ready to take the day head-on. But there should always be a reminder on how people should use it; how users could maintain their cleanliness during their trip to the loo in order for the next person to have a pleasant experience as well. A tip here, get the ones that have fresh water flush to ensure that they are kept in their most agreeable state.

Myth #2: Portable toilets are uncomfortable

Now, here’s another myth we love debunking. Portable toilets are not uncomfortable. We agree, it’s not the most comfortable toilet you’ll ever sit on. It’s not the throne in a high-end hotel, not even the same as your (maybe plushed) toilet seat at home. But here’s the thing — it can give you the utmost relief that you can get once you empty your bladder after finishing that cup of soft drink, juice or water.

Now that these are debunked, who do you call?

So, you now find yourself on Google, typing “portable toilet hire sydney”, you need to make sure that the experts you get for this will give you the most value for money. You shouldn’t just flush money down the drain. Hire someone who has options for fresh water flush with a high volume waste capacity, and sewer connect portable toilets. Check if they have units that are specialised for disabled people to ensure comfort for all of your would-be users. ITF Hire has different types of units that will answer your needs — may it be for a suit event, a party, a construction site, a concert, a food expo, a fair and many more.

With over ten years of experience, their guarantee is to provide you with the portable toilet that would suit your needs and the number of units you would require given the size of your crowd (this is a very important part to think about as you don’t want a lot of people waiting in line. It would dampen the mood of your event). These experts are open round-the-clock with same-day installation. To top all of that off, frequent servicing and free delivery are included in their starting price of $25 per week.