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All our temporary fence systems fully comply
with government and local council legislation 
requirements including Australian Standard 
AS 4687-2007 - Temporary Fencing Hoardings.

* conditions apply

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Hoarding is required for:

1. Public protection
2. Containment of works, materials and debris
3. Exclusion of unauthorised persons
4. Impact resistance
5. Arrest of flying particles and dust
6. Be, in itself, structurally adequate
Our hoardings are transported through shopping centres on specially
made trolleys that have polyurethane wheels to prevent damage to
shopping centre floor surfaces.
Each panel is stood up and secured by special screws and steel
bracing. Once the panels are secured in place the joints are taped
and the hoarding is then freshly painted.
Black skirting is placed along both the top and bottom edges to
prevent dust and debris flow.
Entry to the tenancy is through a set of DOUBLE doors that are hinged to open INWARDS or double sliding doors.
Finally, we position dust-proofing overhead.
With easily removable panels, contractors also have the benefits of the system flexibility. Importantly, our designs are engineered and backed by legitimate, Structural Engineer certified computations to comply with current codes of practice.
ITF Hire’s hoarding panels are manufactured out of 16mm or 9mm MDF sheets on a 70 x 35 timber frame and come in 3 different sizes: 3.6m, 3.0m and 2.4m in height and a standard 1.2m wide.